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Alex · of · the · Hollows

a cute li'l bunny

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Ah, it's so nice to relax~

Everyone's been sad since Miss Ismene died, so Marill and I have somehow become overlooked... but we've been able to rest and do what we want. It makes a nice change from always doing missions for the Grey Ones. I wonder if this is what it's like to be free...? I never wanted to leave the Hollows before, since it was better from how it was with my parents, but... I don't really know what to think, I guess. Marill hasn't said much, either.

Mostly, we watch Aphrodite. The day after Miss Ismene died, Queen Haruka herself came and talked to us, and told us the whole story, and pretty much ordered us to stay within the palace, but we have the run of it. We can't see Tawn and Kohl without an escort, though. But yeah, we watch Aphrodite, since everyone else seems caught up in their own problems. She's a cute kid, and it's kind of fun to play with her! Well, I play with her, anyway. Marill usually sits in the corner and reads.

I've visited Tawn and Kohl every day. Miss Helene is the one who escorts me. Tawn and Kohl are still being stubborn, I'm afraid, but I guess I expected that. Miss Helene is a lot more receptive. She wasn't very nice at first, but after talking to her for a while, she's not that bad. I think she gets lonely, sometimes.

Oh! I've been trying to use my powers as an oracle to see things from the Silver Millenium. Mostly, it hasn't gone very well, but the one time I decided to try it while holding Aphrodite's hand, I saw a weird cave place with lots of little strangely-colored people! Aphrodite said that was when she took a nap during the "big battle," and the weird people were Naiadian gnomes. It was so interesting! It was really draining, though, I went right to sleep afterwards and didn't wake up until the next day. I wish I could do more, but I've never been properly trained in Sight magic since I've never met anyone else who could use it.

It's a little strange, though... looking at Miss Kiara's aura, it almost seems similar to mine? Maybe I should ask her if she can See things... if she can, and she's willing to teach me, maybe I'll finally learn how to use my magic properly! That would be nice. ^_^ I probably shouldn't get my hopes up... I mean, what are the chances, right?
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...I've been neglecting this journal! :O That's so bad of me! A lot has happened, too...
Well, um, it turns out that Mr. Kit and some of his friends are Satellite Senshi and need to save Neo Queen Serenity, so Marill and I are delaying the mission until they do that. The Hollows... I know it's important, but I think our solar system is more so at the moment. We had to restrain Kohl and Tawn, though, and put silver chains on them... they hate silver! I feel really guilty, but they're not the sort of people who would be reasonable about this kind of thing... ;_;
.....Mr. Saints killed Miss Ismene. I, um,...

...I don't think I'm going to write what I'm feeling here, not where Mr. Kit and Miss Kiara can see it. Mr. Kit is sort of scary.

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Chloroform is smelly. :O It hurts my eyes. I don't like it. x_O

...Tawn is trying to eat the shuttle.

Tawn! Stop that! Don't give me that look, we all know you're self-aware when you're a hyena!



Tawn, you stupid-head! D< Now we have to fix it before we leave --



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I talked to Marill today about Kohl's... er... "problem." He thinks it's best if we just leave Kohl be, and not bother him about getting medical attention or anything like that, especially since it's to the Grey Ones' advantage for Kohl to be like he is. I don't know... I just think it's sad that Kohl never smiles or laughs or anything. :( I think he'd be happier if he could get some help... but if it's better for the Grey Ones that he stays the same, then I guess it's alright...

Tawn's been acting a little weird, recently, too... just since we've come to Uranus. I think that's because of all the moons, though -- it's really messing with his system. He's transformed two nights in a row now because one of the moons has been full both times. x_x We've got a break tonight, I think, but tomorrow night both Umbriel and Titania will be full, so I'm just glad Tawn's going to Neptune with Kohl tomorrow morning to look for Rilix so he won't be here. Neptune has fewer moons than Uranus, too. I think Tawn's happy for that; I can tell all this transforming is really wearing him out. =O

Marill's gone to apply for a job at the palace, so that he'll be able to spy on the subjects more easily. I think he's applying as a gardener... Tawn said he'd be better as a maid, since he really likes things to be neat and tidy. I don't think Marill liked that too much.

Anyway, Tawn and Kohl are away getting ready for their trip to Neptune, and Marill's off at the palace... Meaning I'm here all alone. =/ Maybe I'll go find Mr. Saints. He might know more about Ismene and Kesteros than he said before, and maybe we could be friends! I think I'd like that. =)

Oh, and I got one of those userpic things -- it's from "My Neighbor Totoro," in case you couldn't tell! =) That's one of my favorite movies of all time! ^_^

((There, now any of you who reads this knows what Tawn is... or has enough hints to figure it out! XD And yes, Marill will be working at the palace as a gardener. X3))
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Hello, I'm Alex. ^_^ I work at the Hollows... I've lived there since I was nine. I made this journal, because I'd like to talk to people... but a lot of what I want to talk about is classified information, or secrets people shouldn't know about my comrades, and I don't exactly have any friends to talk to in confidence, so... a journal! ^.^;;

((Kiden, Netty, Mickey, feel free to post comments here! XD The journal is in-character and Alex canon, so any in-character comments from you guys are going to have to be considered noncanon, but still! =3 Let's have fun with this! XD))

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